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Went live for the first time in 2016, and have been in love with this hobby ever since! Twitch is my main platform, and I have been streaming regular twice a week since 2019. For me, Twitch is a brilliant place to connect with people from all over the world. It's an accessible hobby that gives me the opportunity to spread joy and make a safe space for people who are not afraid to be themselves. My vision for my stream is to try and make the internet a better place, one stream at a time.




Average Viewers

Numbers from May 2023

The best community on Twitch:

The Puppy Gang

I would not be able to do everything I have been able to  without my amazing community, The Puppy Gang! We are an inclusive bunch, where you can ask questions and be yourself!

The Puppy Gang are a LGBTQIA+ safespace. That means that we are an open and welcome space to be who you are. Your gender and sexuality are both welcome and respected in my community!

Even tho I prefer my stream to be a cosy and wholesome place, to keep it safe, we sometimes need to have conversations that can both be hard and difficult. I hope that having a space where we can discuss and ask questions, we make sure we can continue to grow and learn, both from our own experience and others.

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Charity work

With the help of my mod team and community I planned two charity streams in 2021, one Valentines charity stream and one Halloween charity stream! During the 12 hours combined we raised over $3,000 for the charity AbleGamers. The reason for me to choosing this charity is because it aligned with my passion for gaming to be for everyone! Gaming was a huge part of my childhood, and is a big reason for my fine motor skills being as good as they are today.

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