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Public speaking

In February of 2022 I had the honour to hold my first Public speech for MagiCon!

Since then, I have been to Retromessa and Aktive Gamere Konfransen where I talked about my experience growing up as a Disabled gamer, and the importance of accessibility in the game industry.

In 2023 I will do my first international speech about accessibility in gaming. If you want to hire me to speak at your conference or meeting, you can contact me here.

Topics I can talk about:

  • Growing up as a disabled gamer

  • Accessibility and why it is so important in the gaming/tech industry

  • Streaming 101

  • Disability and streaming/gaming

Contact me to discuss other topics. 

What I can offer:

Some examples of my previous experience

My speech about accessibility at
Aktive Gamere Konferansen 2022

October 2022 I was asked join Aktive Gamere Konferansen to talk about how it was growing up with an invisible illness/disability, how gaming was my first meeting with empowerment and why accessibility is such an important topic in the industry.

The speech was an absolute success and open the door for me to work together with others in the industry. It even got me an invitation to my first international speaking opportunity in 2023.

You can watch my speech on the YouTube video to the left.

My VLOG from MagiCon 2022

In February of 2022 I had the honour to host a panel for MagiCon together with the streamers Tokiness and LadyMarl3n3. We had a 45 min discussion and Q&A about streaming and how it is being a woman in the stream worlds.

This was my first time being a guest at a con, and I made a VLOG about the whole experience!

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