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Happy Disability Pride Month!

Happy Disability Pride Month everyone!

For this month I have taken on my BIGGEST project yet! Every single day of this month I will post a short video about accessibility and gaming. I have been joined by so many talented creators that has made content with me ❤ I’m so honoured to work with you all! Thank you

for trusting me ❤

But for this first day let’s talk about why I need accessibility, because omg a lot of people ask since none of my disabled or illnesses are visible!

So I have a lot of different diagnostic that affect me every day, but when it comes to gaming there is two things that affects me the most; Cerebral Palsy and Arthritis ❤

Cerebral Palsy is a small brain injury I got due to lack of oxygen when I was born and Arthritis is a auto immune illness that effects all my joints!

Due to all this I LOVE when games have accessibility like third party controller support, button remapping, well made journal system, easy mode, dialogue that where you can press to go forward and good quest logs that tell me where I am and what I did last in the game.

So, happy disability pride month! How are you going to celebrate?

- Arevya

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