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Happy #DisabilityPrideMonth and welcome to Access Gaming💕

Today is first day if #DisabilityPrideMonth so let me introduce myself!

Hi, I’m Arevya, a disabled and chronically ill streamer and gamer. I have a burning passion for the gaming industry to be more accessible and for gamers to know the benefits of accessible games.

I'm starting a new series calles #AccessGaming. During this month I want to take you with me on a journy to learn about why we need accessebility, what the gaming industry is working on and talk to other disabled content creators! This series will mostly take place on my TikTok, but you can read more indeepth content and where I found my sourses on this blog.

So say welcome in the comment section, and please let me know if there is any topics or people I should talk with during this month!

A picture of Arevya, she is sitting with her hand leaning on her chin. She has a gold bracelet and long nails. Her hair is dark red. She has makeup on, that is pink in the corner of her eye and green in the crease. Her lipstick is a orange red.
Si hi to me 💕

Looking forward to learn more together with you

Love, Arevya!

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