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I will be a panel host at Retromessa 2022

I have been sitting on this secret for some months now, and I'm so happy to finally tell you all that I have been invited to Retromessa (Norways biggest convention for Retro gaming) to talk about how it was growing up as a disabled gamer, and why inclusion and #accessibility is so important in gaming!

This is really a dream come true, as I have wanted to do more public speaking ever since MagiCon gave me my first opportunity in February. This time I will be talking about my passion project that is accessibility, something that make a do a little happy dance!

I firmly believe that accessibility is something that can benefit the whole game community as a whole, and that gaming is FOR EVERYONE! But to make sure this is possible, we need to look at every part of the system to make sure we lower the bar of entrance. Hopefully my panel can inspire some people to learn more and think about how amazing it is when we all can access every part of the gaming world ❤

Hope to see you at my panel, Sunday 21th of August, at 12.00!

of a poster splitt in two. On the right side is a picture of Arevya on a pink backgound, her logo is beside her head. On the left side is the logo of Retromessa and the text: Runarhallen, Sandefjord 20.-21.August 2022

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